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About us


About us


Family-owned and operated since 1959

The Rothkötter Group was founded in 1959 as an animal feed retailer. Today, the group employs around 4,500 people at seven production sites in northern Germany and generates annual sales of around 1.5 billion euros. The Rothkötter Group owns several plants, including the three Rothkötter compound feed plants in Meppen, Haren and Boizenburg, Emsland Brüterei in Dohren and the two fresh poultry processing plants Emsland Frischgeflügel in Haren and Celler Land Frischgeflügel in Wietze. The distribution company Landgeflügel is responsible for the distribution and logistics of fresh and frozen chicken products.


Foundation of the ‘Rothkötter Landhandel’ by Franz Rothkötter in Meppen/Versen.


Start of compound feed production


Start of compound feed production at the newly constructed ‘Rothkötter Kraftfutterwerk’ concentrated feed mill in Meppen/Versen


Commissioning of the ‘Emsland Brüterei’ hatchery in Dohren


Start of chicken meat production ‘Emsland Frischgeflügel GmbH’ in Haren.


Expansion of production capacity through the construction of a second production line at Emsland Frischgeflügel.


Commissioning of the compound feed plant ‘Haren – Eurohafen’.


Opening of the daycare centre ‘Küken & Friends’ (Chicks & Friends) in Haren


Commissioning of ‘Celler Land Frischgeflügel’ in Wietze


Construction of the ‘Boizenburg’ compound feed plant


Start of production at ‘Emsland Convenience’ in Börger.


Facts and figures

Consolidated annual turnover FY 2022/2023
0 € Billion

Rothkötter Mischfutterwerk Boizenburg

In addition to our two compound feed plants in Meppen-Versen and Haren-Eurohafen, our third compound feed plant in Boizenburg went into operation in 2018. At this plant we produce poultry compound feed for our agricultural customers from north-eastern Germany.

Celler Land Frischgeflügel

The Celler Land Frischgeflügel slaughterhouse in Wietze was commissioned in September 2011.

Rothkötter Mischfutterwerk Versen

Founded in 1959 in Meppen-Versen, the Rothkötter compound feed plant now specialises in the production of pig and poultry feed.

The production capacity of all three Rothkötter compound feed plants is over 1,000,000 tonnes of compound feed per year. The feed is delivered by the company’s own fleet of trucks.

Emsland Brüterei

In 2003, the ‘Emsland Brüterei’ hatchery in Dohren was put into operation.

The hatchery’s capacity has been steadily increased through expansions. Firmly contracted hatching egg suppliers and the latest hatching technology lay the foundation for healthy day-old chicks and corresponding fattening results.

Emsland Frischgeflügel / Landgeflügel

The Emsland Frischgeflügel chicken slaughterhouse started operations in 2003 in the industrial area at the Eurohafen shipyard in Haren. In 2007, a second production line was added to the plant.

Landgeflügel, based in Haren, distributes the chicken meat products of the Emsland Frischgeflügel slaughterhouse and Celler Land Frischgeflügel.

Rothkötter Mischfutterwerk Haren-Eurohafen

The second Rothkötter compound feed plant at the Eurohafen in Haren went into operation in 2009. It has direct access to the water and railway, which means that raw materials can also be delivered by ship and railway. The Rothkötter truck workshop is located in the immediate vicinity.

Emsland Convenience

The Emsland Convenience processing plant in Börger was commissioned at the beginning of 2023.


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Landgeflügel compact

Landgeflügel specialises in the production of fresh chicken parts. We develop innovative and competitive products incorporating the latest social, health and technological standards.